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Connecticut Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is not an easy decision. You do not need to make the decision alone. Since 1981, Hartford-area attorney Charles A. Maglieri has helped Connecticut clients with all aspects of bankruptcy and other types of debtor-creditor law. He understands the burden of debt, as well as the relief that comes with a debt-free future. He can help you determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the appropriate path between those two points.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective means to resolve debt, and therefore end creditor actions aimed at vehicle repossession, home foreclosure or wage garnishment. It creates a fresh start through the orderly liquidation of certain assets to discharge debt. Chapter 7 is a consumer bankruptcy method available to individuals and some businesses.

To be eligible for Chapter 7, a certain amount of asset liquidation may be required.

With your future on the line, you need to be certain that the lawyer you choose to work with has the experience and knowledge necessary to represent your best interests. Throughout his years of practice, attorney Maglieri has represented both debtors and creditors. His experience representing creditors has given him an understanding of how they work, the methods they use, and what they look for. Now he puts that understanding to use solely on behalf of consumers considering filing for personal bankruptcy to achieve debt relief.

Mr. Maglieri’s time spent instructing both the lawyers of today in continuing education seminars, and the lawyers of tomorrow at the university level, is evidence of his detailed knowledge of bankruptcy law.

For more information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, please review the following article or our pages on the means test.

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