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Connecticut Debtor-Creditor Law Attorney

If you are in debt, bankruptcy is not your only option. The various chapters of bankruptcy have specific requirements regarding income levels and assets. Because of this, not every debtor qualifies for chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, or chapter 11 bankruptcy. Attorney Maglieri can help you determine the options that are available to you and make certain that you take steps in the direction of a future that is free of debt.

Contact attorney Charles A. Maglieri at his Bloomfield office at or his Marlborough office at 860-541-5407, to schedule a free initial consultation about clearing your debts.

From negotiating a settlement inside or outside of court, to developing a payment plan that works for you, Attorney Maglieri can help. Since 1981, he has been helping debtors work through their financial challenges. Connecticut lawyer Charles A. Maglieri is ready to help you, whether your debt is the result of credit card bills, car loans, home loans, income tax, or medical bills.

Experienced Hartford Debtor-Creditor Lawyer

Attorney Charles A. Maglieri has put his knowledge of debtor-creditor law to the test. He has spent a decade teaching law students. Now he teaches other bankruptcy lawyers in regular continuing education seminars. His knowledge of debtor-creditor law is attested to by his volunteer mediator position for the Bankruptcy Court Mediation Program at Hartford. His membership in such groups as the American Bankruptcy Institute makes certain that he is abreast of changes in the law and advanced techniques to handle the complex challenges that debtors face.