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“Can I file for bankruptcy?” This is usually the first question many people ask when speaking with Law Offices of Charles A. Maglieri in Connecticut. The answer is simple: only after completing a detailed nine-page form, known as the means test, will you know if you are eligible for personal bankruptcy.

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Obtaining debt relief is no longer a matter of simply filing for bankruptcy. Since October 2005, requirements have been established under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA). One of these requirements is an evaluation to determine eligibility known as the means test.

The means test workup, also known as a “comprehensive bankruptcy evaluation” is an analytical evaluation your attorney completes to determine whether you can file for Chapter 7 or for Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. You provide verifiable details for all of your income and expenses. Your lawyer painstakingly verifies the information, performs precise calculations and compares the results against government-set averages. The results determine whether you are eligible to file for consumer bankruptcy and, if so, which chapter.

Attorney Charles A. Maglieri is an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Since 1981 he has helped numerous individuals, families and small-business owners find a financial fresh start through debt relief. His ability and experience is recognized by his colleagues, and they frequently refer “tough cases” to him.

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